Get Involved! This website is designed to introduce you to the The Orchards at Walnut Creek, a proposed mixed use project that will include a new Safeway store, retail, dining and neighborhood amenities that can be enjoyed by the entire family! To design a project that best serves and complements the community, we welcome comments -- so take our survey and please continue to visit this website for project updates. Thank you!

Stein Mart is Coming to the Orchards at Walnut Creek!

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1 month ago

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Lisa CrossettI believe this "cheapens" this new center - this store is like a Walmart department store. Hope the rest of the selections are better quality.2   ·  1 month ago

Karen Shipstead BrajkovichMeh. Not excited about this. Hope the other stores are classier.1   ·  1 month ago

Sean TanyaDislike! Try!1   ·  1 month ago

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Crunch Fitness Coming to the Orchards!

We are pleased to announce that Crunch Fitness is coming soon, a specialty gym that embraces both fitness and entertainment! This is a great addition to a lifestyle center that offers lots of outdoor space, amenities and trails.

Stay tuned. We will be announcing another major tenant real soon! LIKE and SHARE this post. Is it time to workout, or do yoga in the park? (3 photos)
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1 month ago


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Sue ShoopI still will miss all those beautiful trees you cut down to make room for it.1 month ago

Stephen EriksenI am going to miss the trees int he King fire (and other fires these last 2 weeks) way more!!1 month ago

The Orchards at Walnut CreekFor their preservation, over 30 protected trees have been fenced in and plans are underway to plant over 600 new trees, including 116 protected trees. The overall number of trees on the 25 acre project site will more than quadruple from what was there previously and over 28 percent of the property is also dedicated to green space!2   ·  1 month ago

Sue ShoopDid you at least use the wood from those trees for something good?1 month ago

Sean TanyaThat's more like it! It's good to have a good quality gym on this side of WC and keep us from driving to Renaissance Club Sport.1 month ago

Lynette StoneI'll join if they have Barre classes!2 weeks ago

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Project Update: Tree Conservation and Building Demolition Underway

What was once an aging and partial occupied office park will soon be an exciting lifestyle center! If you have recently passed by the future home of The Orchards, you have seen that efforts are well underway to preserve many of the property’s existing trees, as the office buildings are being demolished. For their preservation, over 30 protected trees have been fenced in and plans are underway to plant over 600 new trees, including 116 protected trees. Over 28 percent of the property is also dedicated to green space!

We remain on target to open by the fourth quarter of 2015! Stay tuned for future updates, and don't forget to LIKE and SHARE these posts with your neighbors.
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1 month ago

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Marina KrukPlease share more updates like that. Changes in traffic conditions if any, pictures of trees planted and so on. Full support to you guys!10   ·  1 month ago

Sue ShoopI cry everytime I pass, I miss all those perfectly good trees you cut down.2   ·  1 month ago

Mark J. ThomasAny chance they'll bring back Lollipop Palace?1   ·  1 month ago

Robin Schick"Lifestyle Center"... LMFAO!1   ·  1 month ago

Lisa CrossettSuper excited for this positive CHANGE for Walnut Creek!!! Can't wait for this beautiful space to be developed!!3   ·  1 month ago

Tim HendricksI am a Certified Arborist, and a neighbor. I have no stake in this development, and do not know anyone on the project. They are not cutting down perfectly good trees. They are cutting down trees that are either fast growing, and easily replaceable, invasive, non native, or diseased damaged or old. All heritage trees, that should be preserved are being well protected. They are adding SIX HUNDRED new trees which will sequester carbon, and provide new wildlife habitat. This is a well thought well planned development, that will benefit the neighborhood. I live right down the street and drive through the area daily. I am more than willing to "tolerate" the 1-2% increase in traffic levels that this development will produce ( yes, that's one to two percent, based on what already exists).... to enjoy the benefits this "Lifestyle Center" will bring to our community, our tax revenue and our job market.41   ·  1 month ago

Sean TanyaBefore this development, the area was approved for office spaces which did not fully developed and lesser so economically and socially. It is time for the area to evolve and adapt and environmentally friendly at that rather than leave it stagnant. Definitely looking forward to a responsible progress that offered the local community visibility to the plans and did a good job in including the community. Kudos!8   ·  1 month ago

Gerald TuretzkyShould be great - haters can suck it4   ·  1 month ago

Joan MacDonaldWell said Tim W!!!1 month ago

Katie Parsons HoschouerI, for one, am looking forward to this.1 month ago

Jeanne CAhillWhere exactly is this Mary Mary Rittore McDonald?1 month ago

Mary Rittore McDonaldAt the corner of Ygnacio and Oak Grove, across from Encina Shopping Center. Safeway didn't own the store at Encina but owns the property where they are building.1   ·  1 month ago

Keith RajeckiNow let's turn our attention to building sports facilities for the residence of Walnut Creek and surrounding communities. It is great to see the improvements to playgrounds and shopping centers. We need sustainable investment in our sport fields and city swimming pools.1   ·  1 month ago

Katie Moore WunderCould not agree more Keith Rajecki.1 month ago

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